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Nouvie Comforts - Fleece Blankets with Sleeves

Nouvies are Eco fleece blankets with sleeves. This fleece blanket ideal for camping, reading, outdoor gear, as wheelchair accessories, stadium blankets, or a bathrobe. Worn on the front, they are very easy to get in and out of. Warm and cozy! Click here for full photo.


See the write up on our Nouvies on MSNBC!

Eco fleece/polar fleece blanket with sleeves-worn as bathrobe or coat.

Worn on the back, a Nouvie functions as a coat or a bathrobe. Wrap up after a soak, wear it around the house, or even out to dinner. They are fashionable and cozy! Click here for full photo.


wheelchair blankets

Attractive back closing design can be worn as a cover-up indoors or as a coat outdoors. Fleece fabric resists stains and dries quickly for easy cleanup. Click here for full photo.

A Nouvie‘ (pronounced NEW-VEE) is The Eco Fleece Blanket with Sleeves ideal for camping, reading, wheelchair users, outdoor wear, and as a comfy bathrobe for home use too! It has a unique unisex design that is not only attractive but allows ample room for arm movement and versatile wearing. The full sizes can be worn over your front as a blanket or around your back as a robe or coat. The wheelchair sizes pop over the head for easy dressing. Nouvies are made from the highest quality, plush, double-sided, machine washable, quick drying, no- pill fleece that keeps you exceptionally warm and comfy. Imagine… a blanket you can actually be functional in and still keep your arms, shoulders, chest and back warm !! mmm…so cozy!!

“I love wearing my Nouvie so much that it’s one of the few things I have a hard time sharing with my wife.” -Stephen, NY


LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL, the only difference in these sizes is in the length of the Nouvie. Ample width to fit all body types. Sturdy, reinforced snaps for closure. There are two sets of snaps, one at the neck line and one at the waist.


Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves

You'll love the color combinations and the care with which we stitch them together. Large, Medium and Small Nouvies usually come in six colors: SALSA, EGGPLANT, WINE, BLUEBERRY, BLACK CURRANT and GREENBEAN. CALL 503-449-6755 FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY

Additional special order colors (call for availability): SEAWEED, and PURPLE PLUM.


salsa Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves eggplant Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves wine Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves
blueberry Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves black currant Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves greenbean Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves


All sizes are excellent for keeping your neck, chest, shoulders, arms and body warm. Click on the images above to see a full photo.

WHEELCHAIR SIZE, specially designed to fasten behind your neck, knees, and ankles with Velcro, allowing for super easy attachment and release. Practical and unique design minimizes extra bulk and keeps Nouvie from dragging on the ground and getting caught in the wheels.

wheelchair accessories
Wheelchair Nouvies come in three colors: EGGPLANT, MIDNIGHT, and GREENBEAN. CALL 503-449-6755 FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY
eggplant Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves midnight Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves greenbean Nouvie-fleece blanket with sleeves


If you want full coverage of feet select one size larger than the recommendations based on your height.

Nouvies fit most people. If you are concerned about width or have questions about XXL sizes, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss options.

Whether you're a couch potato, or always on the go, Nouvies will meet your variety of needs. Wear these cozy, environmentally friendly fleece blankets made from recycled products at the stadium, your children's football games, concerts, on your bed, in the family room, in the car, on airplanes, while boating, camping, sewing, knitting, lounging, on the couch watching T.V., reading, at the movies, at the beach, or at home in the family room. Great as wheelchair accessories, Christmas and holiday gifts, Nouvies are lightweight for travel, yet keep in the heat and warmth, keep out the cold, and are functional and practical for women, men, the elderly, and the alter-abled. Sustainably Made in the USA. Happy Nouvie wearing!!!!


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