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See the write up on our Nouvies written by MSNBC correspondents! click here!
Green Shopping Links!
Happy Hippie Eco Directory
EcoMall: www.ecomall.com
Launched on November 15, 1994, EcoMall is the oldest and largest environmental shopping center and Expo on the Internet, for retailers and wholesalers of environmentally-friendly products and services.
Family Links!
Distinctive Features: www.distinctivefeatures.com
Distinctive Features' mission is to Promote Family Safety, Provide Reliable, Cost Effective Safety and Family Products, and Help Families Have More Time Together.
Alter Abled Links!
Independent Living Resources: www.ilr.org
A non-profit "promoting the philosophy of Independent living by creating opportunities, encouraging choices, advancing equal access and furthering the level of independence for all people with disabilities"
WeMedia: www.wemedia.com
A wonderful internet resource for accessible solutions, politics, news, forums, and non-profit resources for the alter-abled.
Accessible Solutions: www.accessiblesolutions.com
Our mission is to provide personalized service to disabled individuals and the highest quality of accessiblity products while controlling cost through the efficient use of all resources.
National Wheelchair Sports Awareness Program: www.wheelieteam.org
As an organization that promotes getting active and getting involved, thier motto is," It's not what happens to you in life, it's what you do with it!"
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