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the Eco Fleece Blankets with Sleeves

What Some
of Our
Friends Say:

“You made me a very long bright red Nouvie which not only warms the skin but the heart in the dark of the winter.”

Marsha and Jule, CA

“With temperatures colder than normal, I’ve already been snuggling up in my Nouvie.”

Karen T, OR

“I love wearing my Nouvie so much that it’s one of the few things I have a hard time sharing with my wife.”

Stephen, NY

“My friend Geoffrey gave me a Nouvie and I had to drop you a line to let you know how much I am enjoying it. Thanks so much for a wonderful idea and being able to get it out there for the rest of us to enjoy.”

Amy, OR

NOUVIE™ Eco-Fleece Blankets With Sleeves
Are Sustainably Made in the U.S.

s a business with a conscience, our goals reflect our ethics. We believe that the wholeness of people and nature needs to be sustained, and therefore we tread lightly on the earth. This intention translates into our products in terms of design, quality and thoughtfulness:

  • We construct Nouvies™ from the highest quality fleece comprised of 87% recycled materials, lessening the burden on our landfills.
  • We thoughtfully designed our snaps with rip-stop reinforcements to strengthen potential wear points.
  • We make Nouvies™ in the USA to ensure our manufacturers maintain healthy working environments.
  • We support the use of alternative paper sources.

We are dedicated to the preservation of wholeness, quality and comfort in our every step!


We chose this name to suggest that the fun, warmth, and comfort of wearing our blankets gives a feeling of wholeness leading to a sense of rejuvenation and newness.

By the way...we pronounce it like this: “New Vee”.


Whether you're a couch potato, or always on the go, Nouvies will meet your variety of needs. Wear these cozy, environmentally friendly fleece blankets made from recycled products at the stadium, your children's football games, concerts, on your bed, in the family room, in the car, on airplanes, while boating, camping, sewing, knitting, lounging, on the couch watching T.V., reading, at the movies, at the beach, or at home in the family room. Great as wheelchair accessories, Christmas and holiday gifts, Nouvies are lightweight for travel, yet keep in the heat and warmth, keep out the cold, and are functional and practical for women, men, the elderly, and the alter-abled. Sustainably Made in the USA. Happy Nouvie wearing!!!!

As you support us, we support you and our earth in return!

We welcome your ideas and comments and look forward to providing you with COMFORT, WHOLENESS AND REJUVENATION.


Wishing you warmth,

Eecole Copen
Owner and Creative Director




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